For Our parents

Principal Maxine Cameron

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung! I am really excited about the start of this new month. April is one of the months I look forward to during the school year. Soon we will have warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and opportunities to rid ourselves of heavy coats and jackets

School is in its final marking period, so we are working feverishly to ensure that all students continue to receive a good quality education until the close of School Year 2021-2022. Currently the students in Grades K-5 are in the midst of their third Fountas & Pinnell reading assessment. The assessment will end for most classes on April 14, 2022, but smaller classes will end at least two weeks prior.

Further, several home-school events will happen prior to the close of the school year. During this month, there will be a Spring celebration. Parents who are vaccinated and willing to volunteer their services on that day are encouraged to participate. The April 2022 calendar outlines all activities.

P.S.13's April 2022 Family Calender

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