About Our Community

  • We Are a Family Community

    We do not tolerate any disrespectful behavior. It is important that we follow these standards to ensure a peaceful, respectful school community.

  • With Your Voice

  • You Will:
    • Be careful with other people’s feelings
    • Always tell the truth
    • Always use appropriate language
    • Be respectful when others are talking
  • You Don’t:
    • Tease, insult or threaten
    • Call others unkind names
    • Tell lies
    • Use bad language or gestures
    • Interrupt when others are talking, working or learning
  • With Your Body

  • Be:

    • Respectful of other people’s bodies and personal space
    • Cautious of other people’s things
    • Be cautious and respectful of school property
  • Don’t:

    • Hit, bite, or fight
    • Take or purposely break other people’s things
    • Destroy things; write on walls, desks, chairs or tables
  • With Your Mind

  • Always ask yourself:

    • Is what I am doing is right?
    • Would I like it if someone did that to me?
  • Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

    • Solve the problem you created or work with an adult to solve the problem
    • Write a letter of apology
    • Loss of school privileges (recess)
    • Meet with guidance counselor
    • Meet with an administrator
    • Parent contacted by your teacher or an administrator
    • Inappropriate items are confiscated by a teacher or an administrator
    • Student suspension
  • Academic Core Curriculum

    • Eureka Math: Numbers to Ten
    • Wit & Wisdom: The Five Senses; Informative Writing

    • Eureka Math: Sums and Differences to 10
    • Wit & Wisdom: A World of Books; Narrative Writing

    • Eureka Math: Sums and Differences to 100
    • Wit & Wisdom: A Season of Change; Informative Writing

    • Eureka Math: Properties of Multiplication and Division and Solving Problems with Units of 2-5 and 10
    • Wit & Wisdom: The Sea; Informative Writing

    • Eureka Math: Place Value, Rounding and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction
    • Wit & Wisdom: A Great Heart; Informative Writing

    • Eureka Math: Place Value and Decimal Fractions
    • Wit & Wisdom: Cultures in Conflict; Informative Writing

  • School Policies

  • Uniform Policy

    Children in Grades PreK to 5 must adhere to uniform/dress code. The mandatory uniform policy is intended to:

    • Promote a more effective learning environment
    • Foster school unity and pride
    • Improve student performance
    • Foster self-esteem
    • Eliminate label competition
    • Minimize cost to parents and
    • Most importantly improve student conduct and discipline.

    This policy will be strictly reinforced. All students are expected to wear school uniforms every day. The official P.S. 13 school uniform includes a yellow collared shirt or blouse with sleeves, and navy blue slacks or skirts. Socks or tights must be navy blue.

    Blue Emergency Contact Cards

    An emergency card must be on file in the main office for every student. In the event of an emergency, the parents will be notified first. this card identifies other adults, authorized by you, who may take your child from school. This includes normal pick-up days, illness or any disaster situation.


    Please notify the office as soon as information has changed on your card. Also, ANY CUSTODIAL/GUARDIANSHIP CAHNGES MUST BE GIVEN TO THE SCHOOL IN WRITING FROM A STATE OR LOCAL AGENCY (I.E. FAMILY COURT)

    Daily Routine Line-Up

    On days of good weather, there will be outdoor line-up for all students not eating breakfast. Students should proceed to their assigned line-up spot for their class and wait for an assigned staff member to escort them inside. Once inside students will report to their classroom.

    Morning Line-Up Procedures
    Teachers will meet students promptly at 8:00 AM in the school yard.

    Indoor Line-Up
    Lower Grades (K-2): Cafeteria
    Upper Grades (3-5): Gym

  • Dismissal Schedule

    The school’s priority is to ensure the safety of every student and to establish a consistent routine. For that reason we urge you to tell your child in the morning what his/her dismissal plans are for the day. If there are any other dismissal changes such as, leaving early for an appointment, you must write a letter to your child’s teacher so arrangements can be made for a smooth pick-up.

    In an effort to ensure your child’s safety, upon entering the building, children are not allowed to leave the building alone.

    • Children must be picked up by a parent/guardian or designated adult listed on the Blue Emergency Card.
    • The adult picking up must bring a photo ID.
    • Children must say goodbye before leaving, notifying the teacher that a parent/guardian has arrived.
    • Teachers must be informed in advance of any alternate pick-up plans.

    Children who are not picked up on time at their dismissal site (exits), will be escorted by the teacher to remain in the auditorium. By 2:30 PM all students are brought to the main office and parents are called.

    If an emergency arises, or if there is a delay because of transportation, please call the office at (718) 498-3717 to inform us of your circumstance.

    Half-day dismissal is at 11:30am. There is no Afterschool programs on half-days.

    Attendance & Punctuality

    We expect all students to attend school every day, except for illness. A satisfactory attendance record of 90% is one of the Chancellor’s criteria for promotion. Students arriving after 8:00 AM are LATE.

    All late students must enter through the main entrance and will receive a late pass at the Main Office. The school should be notified of any absence by 8:00 AM. Upon returning to school after an absence, all students must bring a note from their parent/guardian stating the day(s) of absence and the reason for the absence. If a student brings in a letter he/she is still considered absent, but it is documented.

    It is very important for all students to be on time to school. Students should be prepared with boos and materials prior to the start of homeroom.

    School Visits

    We invite and encourage you to visit the school and classrooms. Classroom visits should be scheduled in advance with the classroom teacher. All visitors must stop at the security desk, then proceed to the main office to pick up a visitor’s pass. Photo ID is required to enter the school at all times.